Albert Blackburn

Conversations on Now Consciousness

By Albert Blackburn


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Worlds Beyond ThoughtIn WORLDS BEYOND THOUGHT Albert Blackburn guides the reader to an understanding of what it means to live moment by moment, free of the insidious thought process that causes all of our psychological problems. He emphasizes the importance of a complete awareness of the present moment, a holistic perception that can bring about a quiet mind, clarity, and order in one’s life, and lead to an experiencing of that which is beyond human consciousness, which is sacred, all Love and Light.

The seven conversations that comprise the major part of WORLDS BEYOND THOUGHT are revised and expanded versions of actual dialogues between Albert Blackburn and his wife, Gabriele. Before his death in June, 1987, he spent months carefully editing the transcripts of these conversations, expanding and clarifying his ideas, and making certain that necessary changes did not modify or distort his meaning in any way. These thoughtful elucidations make WORLDS BEYOND THOUGHT a valuable study in self-realization, and the author’s revolutionary insights may help others to resolve their own fundamental problems. Some of Mr. Blackburn’s letters, which he felt contained a unique approach to discovering answers to the many basic questions of life, have been included with the dialogues to give the book an additional dimension.

Albert Blackburn was a close friend of J. Krishnamurti, whose teachings inspired the radical inner transformation that the author described in his previous book, NOW CONSCIOUSNESS. Mr. Blackburn lived his life with great intensity, motivated solely by the desire to be totally free of ego, self-will, and need for personal gratification. His serious investigations into the meaning of life were expressed with a clarity that characterized everything that he wrote or spoke, every word of which originated in his own holistic understanding of life. His inner commitment brought him into extensive contact with people from many countries and many walks of life, all of whom were enriched by the deep insights that characterized his approach to living.

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Book Review

Worlds Beyond Thought
Conversations on Now Consciousness

Questions and answers with Albert Blackburn, whose Krishnamurti-inspired revelations provide an illuminated view of consciousness. Human awareness is composed merely of "all of the reruns of our life experiences." The only way the truth can be approached is negatively. "Thus perception involves something that you have not done." After trying many different ways, knowing that nothing works, we will back into Now Consciousness, perceive the truth of existence. "It is a constant rejection of the thinking process…No effort or will is involved in this rejection." Conversations that zip you out into the timeless. More accessible than much of Krishnamurti’s logically-framed observations.