By Gabriele Blackburn


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The mystical teachings in The Way of Soul give the reader a glimpse of what lies beyond the thin veil that separates human life on earth from the wonder of what was revealed. The book evolved in a remarkable way from the author’s pursuit of the perennial questions on life and living.


The Way of Soul, having been inspired, was given through the intuitive capacities of Gabriele Blackburn. Thereby she was as a receptive vehicle to transmit this knowledge experienced by her soul. This is an experiential process in the awareness of presence. Intuitive attention to what was being shown, taught and experienced was given through her so that others might be interested by the very nature of the experiencing described as it occurred. The entire journey of the soul has been revealed and shown, from the original creation of the soul, through the In-Between-Lives of death to birth, and the possibility that lies beyond. This wisdom has been stated thus so that a new belief system will not be formed from the Inquiries, for each soul has its own journey.



Gabriele Blackburn is a spiritual healer and clairvoyant who has worked with doctors, psychologists and scientists, which together with her psychic investigations, has enabled her to see unique facets concerning the healing of the physical and psychological aspects of man. Approaching her work in a creative way has led to new discoveries in the area she terms “holistic spiritual healing.”

Her lifelong friendship with J. Krishnamurti and his work inspired her to live in the Light of the Universe. Her experiences with him are described in her book, The Light of Krishnamurti. Gabriele has taught radiesthesia and healing workshops worldwide. She was born in Europe, lived in India, and has traveled extensively. She resides in Ojai, California.


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Comments On The Way of Soul

and Intuitive Inquiry Events



Your new publication of The Way of Soul encompassing all your Intuitive Inquiries throughout the years is absolutely incredibly marvelous, deeply moving and full of wonder. It released any belief and fear of death, and opened up a capacity to explore with a flame of attention into the wholeness of life. It is in unison with the teachings of J. Krishnamurti giving a glimpse into the source of all-being, and touching that which he hinted at as the “otherness”.  Thank you so much for this very unique important book. 



The process today was interesting. You had set up an excellent sound system and the words that came through you were very very slow and one had to be focused and listen carefully and also there was a sense of floating with the words and imagery that came through the words. I went into a deep state of meditation, as did others. I do not remember any of the content of what I heard, but it was a lovely state to be in while listening deeply.


Intrigued by my own response to Sunday’s listening, the fact that I have forgotten the words and found myself in a deep meditation indicates to me that the listening was received in a place away from thought. I heard all the words and understood their current meaning, but they did not remain with me at all. It was almost like a guided meditation that takes one into depth but the tool that was used was then discarded. I am privileged to share this journey with you. I see your deep and sincere dedication to what I recognize as the core of your life’s journey and your soul’s connection to the source.


I have been reading your book these past few nights. It is quite beautiful, selfless; the language is interesting, often not the way we speak today, and your responses to the Angel and to the experiences you are given are gentle, thankful, in wonderment.

There is much in your book to consider. From my viewpoint at the moment, it seems that these experiences of connection with beings on other planes has come because of the intensity of your own inquiry, the passion with which you have sought guidance and addressed not only personal issues, but humanitarian issues as well.

The Way of Soul is beautifully written, and calls for a great deal of attention. It is a guiding glimpse of the release of the push to grasp something beyond, the release of the yearning to reach some kind of spiritual attainment, the acceptance of the “just being”.




The Way of Soul has shed a new light on what happens to the human soul consciousness or the mind after death, and having right knowledge of it helps one become liberated not only from fear of dying but also from fear of living, for living a life means facing many uncertainties and the unknown, which are normally associated with fear. In the final analysis, what The Way of Soul teaches us is to draw our attention back to the present moment in the present life since the journey on which the soul embarks after death depends on how one lives NOW.

The Way of Soul also depicts extraordinary dimensions of life after death, owing to Gabriele’s outstanding ability to see visions so clearly.





Our intuitive inquiries with you gave us a lot of answers to my own questions. I remember what Immensity/Intelligence told us through you all the time and it brings a lot of joy to my days.




I enjoyed so much reading The Way of soul. It is very lovingly rendered. Thank you so much!




I have read The Way of Soul, an Intuitive Inquiry three times. There are still some parts of it that I am not sure about. I intend re-reading until I am satisfied that I have got it. Thank you for writing the book. It helps



Your soul inquiry was exquisite. I’m preparing to read it again.





I have read “The Way of Soul. And did indeed have a few questions, but since I did not highlight them, I must now re-read the book to see if they still register. The book made a profound impression on me as I was reading it, beyond that.




The teachings of Krishnamurti have been my touchstone since I encountered them many years ago. Although to my knowledge he never wrote about or talked publicly of what is revealed in The Way of Soul, he certainly hinted at its existence. I think it's most important when considering such material to take into account the source from which it emanates. I've met its author-if that's the right word to use here-and have no doubt that her only motivation is to communicate what is true and to be of value to other human beings. For this I am grateful, and I believe that any person seeking meaning in his or her journey through life will benefit greatly from The Way of Soul.