Songs of Light:
Five Original Songs

By Gabriele Blackburn

Author of the Light of Krishnamurti

Published by:
P.O. Box 246, Ojai, CA 93024
(805) 646-2646


Audio Cassette & CD:
Time: 20 minutes
Audio Cassette: $6.00
CD: $9.00


Five Original Songs


Created in moments of intuition and sung

by Gabriele Blackburn


As If With You:

When someone is thinking of me


Keep Moving:

Inspired by a response of

my question to J. Krishnamurti


Stupid Old Me:

Seeing the futility of imagining the future


Thinking Of You:

Sensing a loved one's thought


Meditation is To See:

That sacred Light as told in my book,



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Books by the author are The Science and Art of the Pendulum: A Complete Course in Radiesthesia, with an audiocassette and CD, Protecting Yourself from Energy Depletion; The Light of Krishnamurti, with an audiocassette and CD, Songs of Light; and The Way of Soul: Intuitive Inquiries.

Gabriele teaches healing workshops on the art of transmitting healing energies through touch healing, distant healing, and self-healing.

The author was born in Europe, lived in India, and has traveled extensively. She resides in Ojai, California, and was married to the late Albert Blackburn, author of Now Consciousness and Worlds Beyond Thought; and the audiocassette series, Further Exploration into Now Consciousness.