Psychic healing work is nothing strange in my life. I can still remember very well when I first met a psychic healer in 1977, for it was soon after my mother died. With this encounter I was thrust into a world which had been totally unknown to me until then.

   Since then I have met other healers, and in 1997 when I first met Gabriele and received a treatment at her home in California. Since then I have had several treatments from her, both directly and at a distance. Each treatment brought about a deep release from my problems.

    I find her treatment special mainly because the energy I feel through her is gentler and purer than any other energies I have felt during other healers' work. Thus, I am not hesitant to use the word "divine" to describe it. So every time she treated me, I was embraced by bliss.

   Perhaps it may be worth explaining a little more about her and her treatment so that you may understand her better. But please bear in mind this explanation strictly reflects my personal views.

1. Intelligence and love

   Psychic healing work calls for a highly sensitive mind with intelligence, because it is a very subtle form of treatment. It can kill or save people. In fact, I have known some cases where psychic healers have damaged their clients' minds.

   By observing how Gabriele works with her patients, I have learnt what intelligence is. Intelligence implies doing or saying the right words at the right time. Without this, psychic healing treatment in particular can be very dangerous. Intelligence and love go together; they are not separate. Moreover, the purity of the energy emitted from Gabriele indicates her deep freedom from the self. Without this freedom there is no intelligence and love.

2. Focus on the now

   What Gabriele always tells us is to focus on the present moment. She investigates into our life in the past or in the future if that is necessary, but if we do not know how to live in the present, the knowledge of our past and future has no meaning, for knowledge is not what brings about a fundamental change in our psyche. It is deep insight that triggers a change.

   This focus on now has a direct bearing on a metamorphosis in the brain cells, because what we think of as the self is just an accumulation of memories whose main place of storage is in the brain. We want to think there is more to the self, but that is an illusion. As everything in the universe is in constant change, nothing is permanent. The same applies to our memories and self.

   Thus, by learning how to free ourselves from our past memories by focusing on the now, a change in the brain cells takes place, and this naturally brings about deep freedom and insight.

3. To see and remain with what is seen with clarity

   Focusing on the now leads us to a new level of consciousness which enables us to see our problems as they are, and that is what Gabriele helps us do in a very gentle and loving way. She works on our chakras if that is necessary, but since most of us, including me, cannot see the chakras, working on the chakras has the danger of falling into the trap of illusion. Also we cannot see angels or spiritual helpers, so Gabriele teaches us to remain with what is seen rather than chasing after what is distant and unseen.

    Her main task is to aid us to heal ourselves, especially with regard to psychological problems, because no one can help live our lives. Therefore, her Healing Workshop deals with self-healing and how to live our lives with intelligence, love and clarity.

4. Awareness of the pitfalls of visualization and positive thinking

   It seems to me that almost all psychic healers use the technique of visualization and positive thinking without much awareness of their pitfalls. While Gabriele acknowledges the great benefit of these and uses them for her own work too, she is also aware of their danger. Thus she knows when and when not to use them.

   Incidentally, an issue of Time magazine (17/1/2005) mentions this in a special feature entitled "The Science of Happiness." This feature contains such phrases as "pressuring them (cancer patients) to be paragons of positive thinking is futile" or "the tyranny of positive thinking."

   The problem with positive thinking is that it tends to create conflict between what we want to achieve and what we are. So, in order to avoid this trap, Gabriele teaches us to focus on what we are, which means to live in the present moment.

   As for visualization, Gabriele uses images and symbols for her work when she feels it appropriate. However, the symbols and images she uses are always new and different, for they are bestowed on her when they are needed.

5. Visionary insight

   What always amazes me with Gabriele is her visionary insight, which is not only clear, direct and concise but also accurate as far as my treatment goes. I once received treatment from another healer, whose psychic diagnosis was quite different from Gabriele's. Later I discovered that it was Gabriele who was correct, despite the fact I paid US$120 to the other healer and paid nothing to Gabriele, for she never charges for her consultation and treatment, nor does she accept any donations.

   As for visions or images, Gabriele's patients often see them during treatment. They are not illusions but realities on a different plane, and are manifestations of our psyche. One of the visions I still recall was seeing myself flying lightly and freely up in the infinite space of the blue sky with huge white wings stretching out from both shoulders. When I told Gabriele about it after the treatment, she said, "That's what you aspired to be."

*   *   *

   I have experienced and observed extraordinary phenomena during psychic healing work performed not only by Gabriele but also by other healers, but no other healer has guided me to the indescribable beauty and love to be found in life and the universe. She also helped me go deeper into the realm of human consciousness, which is so mysterious and free from time and space. If I were to mention this to her, I know she would say, "It's not my doing."

   Gabriele is a medium or channeller who can access the Light, but this division is not clear at times, which reminds me of the statement made by both the Buddha and J. Krishnamurti: "Be a light to yourself."