Gabriele Blackburn
A Talk by Gabriele Blackburn

Author of Science and Art of the Pendulum:
A Complete Course in Radiesthesia

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This tape is of vital importance to anyone involved in the healing arts, or working with the sick and dying, anyone overly sensitive to people, crowds, large cities, or in constant negative relationships. In order to stay healthy it is absolutely essential to know how to protect yourself from energy depletion, which affects you physically, emotionally, and mentally. How and why you may have opened yourself up to harmful outside influences, is gone into very thoroughly, and the many different ways in which you can protect yourself are carefully explained. You will learn what you can do yourself, but when it is necessary to seek help, where to find it.

Books by the author are The Science and Art of the Pendulum: A Complete Course in Radiesthesia, with an audiocassette and CD, Protecting Yourself from Energy Depletion; The Light of Krishnamurti, with an audiocassette and CD, Songs of Light; and The Way of Soul: Intuitive Inquiries.

Gabriele teaches healing workshops on the art of transmitting healing energies through touch healing, distant healing, and self-healing.

The author was born in Europe, lived in India, and has traveled extensively. She resides in Ojai, California, and was married to the late Albert Blackburn, author of Now Consciousness and Worlds Beyond Thought; and the audiocassette series, Further Exploration into Now Consciousness.

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Protecting Yourself From Energy Depletion
A Talk by Gabriele Blackburn

Blackburn, a healer who has worked with doctors and scientists, gives us unique, very vital information about ways in which we can deplete our energy. What is depletion? Specifically, what is depletion for those who work a great deal with others who can often become energy-draining concerns? "It is quite possible to have a dream that is not your own." Protect yourself by knowledge and by action, Blackburn tells us. "So you must either move away from that, or know how to stop those vibrations from entering your own aura or sphere of consciousness." you must learn how to close yourself off to certain effects. "Another area or circumstance to watch out for is emotional attack, whether from an intense argument, a constant negative relationship, or violence, whether aimed directly at you or witnessed." Blackburn is sensible, very meticulous in her catalogue of ways to lose balance. On side two are the visualization exercises that permits protection from all the energy depletions that can occur. Ways to act with others, putting yourself in the light, allowing the light to help solve the problem. "Place the protective circle of light on the ground around you and see a wall of light going up from the edges of that circle, forming a cylinder of light. Have it surround it…" In these days of tapes and books telling us all about how to acquire power and energy, it’s very important to know how we squander our energy, how we can protect ourselves. Blackburn is an invaluable guide into the inner realms of energy awareness.


* * *

From this tape, you will learn how to deal effectively with negative influences and situations. Through creative visualizations you will be able to increase your energy level and enjoy the challenges in life.

On the second side, meditation and practical visualizations are given which will enable you to handle many hazards, including illness.