Gabriele Blackburn

A Complete Course in Radiesthesia

By Gabriele Blackburn

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Paperback 8 1/2 x 11
96 Pages

ISBN: 978-0-9613054-1-3

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The Science and Art of the PendulumThis course emphasizes the practical use of the pendulum in maintaining a state of health by determining the underlying causes of disease. The ancient art of the pendulum, now called Radiesthesia, or Psionic healing, opens many new fields of research, and when learned correctly can be an invaluable source of self-help. The proper use of the pendulum can determine many conditions in the body which no other tests will show, for example, the amount of pollution caused by our environment. The pendulum can guide one to lessen or eliminate states of imbalance, using natural, herbal or homeopathic remedies. With Radiesthesia the pendulist can determine the need for vitamins, minerals, and supplements on a daily basis; also which remedies and dosage to use when ill.

Through the author’s psychic investigations into the conditions of the etheric body, she has developed new methods of using the pendulum. Insights into the principles of healing are pointed out in diagrams and shared. In this course she teaches the meaning, potential, and varied uses of color healing. Also included is how to test and treat each of the chakras, or nerve centers, for balancing the vital energy flow. The pendulist can measure predispositions, thereby having a unique tool to maintain a state of health. The mysterious art of "Broadcasting" healing remedies is also gone into very thoroughly. This course is both for the beginner, the professional healer, and anyone who is interested in broadening their understanding of healing, and the use of the pendulum.

Books by the author are The Science and Art of the Pendulum: A Complete Course in Radiesthesia, with an audiocassette and CD, Protecting Yourself from Energy Depletion; The Light of Krishnamurti, with an audiocassette and CD, Songs of Light; and The Way of Soul: Intuitive Inquiries.

Gabriele teaches healing workshops on the art of transmitting healing energies through touch healing, distant healing, and self-healing.

The author was born in Europe, lived in India, and has traveled extensively. She resides in Ojai, California, and was married to the late Albert Blackburn, author of Now Consciousness and Worlds Beyond Thought; and the audiocassette series, Further Exploration into Now Consciousness.



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Book Reviews

The Science and Art of the Pendulum
A Complete Course in Radiesthesia

This is a beautifully produced book which will have instant appeal for all who are interested in achieving higher development in the sensitive art of divining the sources of illness or malaise through the use of a Pendulum. Throughout many centuries and in different countries, healers have found the Pendulum a most useful tool for diagnosing and locating the cause of malfunctions in the human organism. The modern name for this method of diagnosis and treatment is Radiesthesia, and treatment based upon it is known as Psionic Medicine.

Gabriele Blackburn is a very well known spiritual healer and clairvoyant who has worked with doctors and scientists. Although dealing with an approach that involves a high degree of sensitivity, she takes a common sense view and really gets down to basics, so the text is easy to read and understand. It is very well illustrated with graphics.

–International Journal of Holistic Health and Medicine

* * *

If you have never used a pendulum, buy this book. If you have used one, here are a variety of new ways to use the pendulum in connection with healing. Diagnosis, therapy, revitalizing your energy zones, and broadcast healing are just some of the areas discussed. Anyone can become knowledgeable in this science using this fully illustrated, how-to manual. The proper use of the pendulum can determine many conditions in the body no other tests will show. It may be used for balancing and adjusting conditions.

The next time you hold a crystal pendulum in your hand, you’ll know what to do with it.

–A Transformative Journey Magical Blend Magazine

* * *

Here is a book dealing with a little-known adjunct of the healing arts. The author has herself developed a high degree of skill in this subtle science, and in this book she has attempted to express the knowledge she has gained in a simple manner so that those interested in the art/science of diagnosis via the pendulum may be able to study and use it beneficially - even for the treatment of many conditions. This is known as Psionic Medicine, or Radiesthesia.

Instructions are given for using the pendulum for many different purposes, and the method is explained by diagrams.


* * *

Healer Blackburn has a professional approach to tuning into the spiritual level and allowing the pendulum to pinpoint the real causes of disease. Also, the pendulum is capable of prescribing balancing methods to cure sicknesses. Color healing, testing and treating the chakras, predisposition measuring. For the novice and the professional healer. Charts, illustrations. An accomplished exposition.