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by Gabriele Blackburn

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The Light of Krishnamurti

The Light of Krishnamurti relates the many-faceted mystical and spiritual occurrences of J. Krishnamurti as experienced by Gabriele Blackburn.

This is the story of the author’s life in relationship to these events, their extraordinary meaning, and the profound effect they had on her. In a simple, direct, factual manner, she tells how his friendship, personal interviews, and the understanding of his teachings, helped her to resolve a life crisis, and discover an insightful way of living.

This book voices the quality of the clear Light of truth which casts no shadow. It is a personal testimony to the sacred life and teachings of J. Krishnamurti, that Gold Light of eternity.

Books by the author are The Science and Art of the Pendulum: A Complete Course in Radiesthesia, with an audiocassette and CD, Protecting Yourself from Energy Depletion; The Light of Krishnamurti, with an audiocassette and CD, Songs of Light; and The Way of Soul: Intuitive Inquiries.

Gabriele teaches healing workshops on the art of transmitting healing energies through touch healing, distant healing, and self-healing.

The author was born in Europe, lived in India, and has traveled extensively. She resides in Ojai, California, and was married to the late Albert Blackburn, author of Now Consciousness and Worlds Beyond Thought; and the audiocassette series, Further Exploration into Now Consciousness.

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This text is a welcome contribution to the growing body of books about Krishnamurti, written by people who were close to him and whose lives were profoundly affected by his.

It makes no bones about being autobiographical, but what gives the book its tenor and vigor is the constant braiding of the author’s life with K’s in terms of what she calls ‘The Light’. This is not an allegorical or literary device: rather, it is the thematic ground from which their lives (and, indeed, all lives) grow and in which alone they find substance and meaning. The word ‘light’ appears, not only in the title, but in each of the ten chapters into which the book is divided.

The locus and focus of the action is Ojai, where the author spent her formative years as one of the first students of The Happy Valley School, an experience mirrored over twenty years later, when her son Raj became Brockwood Park School’s first student. It was obviously an inspirational time, with that sense of unbounded possibility which living with Krishnaji generated in people. Gabriele had a bent and a talent for music, which kept her in touch with what she terms her ‘sleepworld’, a place of joy and sunlit innocence, to which she had access as a child. It comes as one of the epiphanies of the book, when the light she experiences in this state takes on the form of the actual Krishnamurti, telling her to attend next day’s talk in the Oak Grove. From then on she no longer visits her ‘sleep-world’, but a lifelong bond with K is sealed.

The author goes through numerous changes, …the integration of ‘The Light’ with the work of clairvoyant healing for which she is noted heralds the onset of her mature years…Deftly, however, the author moves on to a clairvoyant description of a talk at Saanen and an account of K’ death in similar vein.

–Review for "THE LINK" Switzerland

* * *

Follower and friend of Krishnamurti, wife of Al Blackburn, this is Gabriele’s well-told story of her life. Birth in 1930, fleeing Hitler, the love of music, visits by a young Krishnamurti, the miserable journey to America as "the ship was in blackout while torpedo boats chased us." Throughout, told with great passion, are the primordial experiences, the energies, the lights, the messages, the "loving warmth that penetrated my inner being." Also, a clear-eyed view of the years with Krishnamurti in Ojai, California, and the Happy Valley School. Marriage to an Indian prince, life in India, painful dissolution of the marriage after ten years. Here is the light of insight, arising over and over again until "there was only a direct perception, and suddenly there was no fear. At that moment there was no ‘me’ left to feel the fear, no thought or even the name of the words, ‘fear’ and ‘insecurity’ simply did not exist any more. It had burned out and it remained completely burned out." She became a healer but "I am not a healer. There is no such thing as the ‘I’ healing. It is just the opposite: the ‘I’ must be absolutely out of it." This is the remarkable tale of a spiritual journey at the side of two accomplished men, and it is exceptional storytelling that captures an exciting chronicle of aspiration and discovery. In the back, a collection of the poetry from one woman’s life, thoughts that evoke this magical existence, this painful trap of the mind: "That love of living completely / Is the wholeness of life—and / That wholeness of a passionate life / Is the holiness of love."