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Exploring the World Beyond Thought

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We invite you to participate in this exciting exploration into the world beyond thought. In these tapes Albert Blackburn, with his wife Gabriele, discuss his creative and completely extemporaneous, step-by-step exploration into insight. Using the words as a mirror, the listener can be led imperceptively into an actual experiencing of what is being discussed. True listening, in which there is no judgment, evaluation or a retreat into a preconceived idea, invites holistic understanding at the level where inner transformation can occur.

#1 An Introduction to Now Consciousness

Covers: A comparison between occultism, mysticism and now consciousness. Do all paths lead to the ultimate Truth? Experiencing reality beyond psychological time. The results of ‘meditation.’ What is a religious life?

#2 Direct Perception

Covers: The ending of psychological time. The possible effect of computerized living on brain development. The possibility of by-passing conditioning through direct perception.

#3 Experiencing

Covers: The fundamental difference between an experience and experiencing. How experiences are routed through the brain into the content of consciousness. Experiencing the completeness of each moment opens the door to insight and self-discovery. With insight we can live intelligently.

#4 The Quiet Mind

Covers: Can the manipulation of thought, through meditation lead to a quiet mind? What is real stillness? How true stillness can come into being with no effort. The ending of the psychological ‘me,’ and the discovery of reality moment-to-moment.

#5 Exploring the World Beyond Thought

Covers: What is the origin of thinking? Two kinds of memory. Insight – direct action – faith. The difference between knowledge and knowing. Can one live without psychological time?

#6 Enlightenment

Covers: The real meaning and results of enlightenment: freedom from the known, use of a different energy, no conflict, no fear, order, integrity, understanding, faith, harmlessness, honesty and inner peace.

#7 Holistic Understanding

Covers: Four levels of understanding. Integrated understanding on all levels is the beginning of an entirely new way of living. Is suffering an intrinsic part of the evolutionary process? How to completely eliminate psychological suffering. What is spiritual alchemy?


Albert Blackburn was a close friend of J. Krishnamurti, whose teachings inspired the radical inner transformation that the author described in his previous book, NOW CONSCIOUSNESS. Mr. Blackburn lived his life with great intensity, motivated solely by the desire to be totally free of ego, self-will, and need for personal gratification. His serious investigations into the meaning of life were expressed with a clarity that characterized everything that he wrote or spoke, every word of which originated in his own holistic understanding of life. His inner commitment brought him into extensive contact with people from many countries and many walks of life, all of whom were enriched by the deep insights that characterized his approach to living.


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Further Exploration Into Now Consciousness
Discussions with Albert Blackburn

Albert Blackburn is the author of the very powerful Now Consciousness and World Beyond Thought. Blackburn is an American who has experienced the world beyond thought and he speaks, in his books, in these tapes, from an American perspective—informal, unpretentious, without harking back to exotic countries or intriguing psychic realms. "Because intelligence is real, it can only be found through the negative approach. In discovering what it is not, truth is perceived." These tapes are musings, questions and answers, in which Blackburn, in his seventies, talks about a lifetime of experience, of letting thoughts go, of not meditating (because it is part of the old pattern). He is asked—how do you leave thought behind? "Well, I think that’s jumping the gun a little. I think the first question should be what is thought and what triggers thought? When do we think?" He goes on to talk about memory, the thought chain that comes with memory, the editing technique that is part of the overall enmeshing web of thought. Each cassette tape deals with a different subject: direct perception, experiencing, the quiet mind, the world beyond thought, enlightenment, holistic understanding. Concerning holistic understanding, Blackburn asks a series of fascinating questions, answers swiftly very much to the practical point, then again questions. "Under what conditions do we want to understand something? Suffering can cause me to want to understand so as to eliminate the suffering. Another question that goes with that is—do I ever want to understand pleasure?" Listening to Blackburn is a little like being given seven hours with a quiet, unassuming master who has experienced both a now consciousness and a new consciousness. The questions themselves, by his wife Gabriele, are emblematic of all our questions, of the uncertainties of the daily life, of puzzlement and pain and wanting something else and being afraid of that something else. A vivid experience.